Day 20: Unbalanced Force Lab ADI (1yP)

We did our post lab discussion today for the Unbalanced Force Lab. This was our first time following the process for an Argumentation Session (we did this on Day 18 of AP C, I described the process there). This process has a lot of similarities with modeling style post-lab discussions. One difference is that students are basically creating an outline of the argument that they will use for their lab report. After graphing their data and creating an argument on a whiteboard, students did a gallery walk session for students to get and give feedback on their whiteboards. The main topic of discussion was the meaning of the slope and intercept (some had positive y-intercepts, others positive x-intercepts). Many groups felt very confident in their rationale for what would cause the intercept. The discussion about slope was more challenging (the slopes ranged from 0.5 m/s/s/N to about 2, caused by system masses ranging from 2000g to 500g).

After the argumentation session, we discussed the requirements for the lab report (we are following the ADI format, with a few changes). Students took pictures of their boards, which they will use as an outline for their lab report.


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