Day 19: Peer Review and Test Review (AP C)

Students did a Peer Review through today for our first formal lab-write up of the year. (Turnitin is a paid service, I’ve heard good things about PeerReview, a free service too).

Today was also our review day for the forces unit. The main strategy was “Expert Groups.” Students had completed one of 4 FRQs that involve forces as homework. In class, they worked with other students who completed the same FRQ to become “experts” in that particular one and then went back to their original teams to share the general processes and concepts involved in each section and then explain what they thought was the most challenging part and why.

We also practiced linearization today. Specifically, how to choose an equation that describes the relationship between the variables in the situation, how to plot data that will create a linear graph, and then figure out what can be calculated from the slope of this graph. This year we did this as a whole class (each team solved on a whiteboard). Next year I hope to turn this into a Guided Inquiry Partner Task.


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