Day 20: MC Test from AP Classroom (AP C)

We took a test today in AP Physics C, our first test this year with all old AP Questions. At this point in the year, I give students about twice as much time on tests as they will have on the actual AP Exam. The thought behind this is that at this point in the year we are developing mastery of skills, concepts, and processes, and not concerned about speed. Later, as we get closer to the semester final (a full length Mechanics Practice Exam) and the actual AP Exams, we practice speed. Its kind of like building up mileage over the summer as a distance runner, and then working on speed work as we get into the competition season.

I have been using the multiple choice question bank in the AP Classroom this year. The user interface is clunky but has the benefit of providing access actual AP Exam questions to students on their phones. While not many of the questions on the question bank are new (I had access to most of these after attending an AP training), I have decided to use only the questions on the AP Classroom when creating tests. After students take the test, I quickly score their MC test by checking it against a key just to get a total score. The next class students enter in their answers for each question on the AP Classroom to find out correct and incorrect responses. Even though the user interface isn’t great, I’ve decided that the effort creating tests using these questions banks is worth it so that students will have access to these questions to review from throughout the year.


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