Day 18: Argument Driven Inquiry for Drag Force Lab (AP C)

After attending an Argument Driven Inquiry (ADI) workshop, I decided to use this for our current lab in AP Physics. Specifically, I would love to make the formal lab write-ups that students create more authentic. I have been following a Claim, Evidence, Reasoning, Application (CER-A) format. This format has its benefits, but I saw improvement in the format presented at the ADI workshop: Introduction, Methods, Argument. The argument section is formatted very similarly to CER-A, which is what my students are used to, so it seems like a good switch. One of my hopes for changing to this format is to give students a bit more freedom in how they approach and answer the Guiding Question to make their responses less formulaic.

In today’s lesson, students analyzed their data as a team (my rule for today’s lab: they must use linearization to answer the question). Then, as a team, they created a whiteboard to display their argument. I didn’t make enough time in the lesson for them to give and get feedback to improve their whiteboards, but I wish I had. Students are using these whiteboards as an outline for creating their lab report for this lab.


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