Day 3: HW Discussion Format (1yP & AP C)

I used the following discussion format in my 1st year Physics classes today to have students discuss their responses to homework. It was great! Students were first paired randomly with other students. Then, I explained the following process for them to follow to choose specific questions or problems from the previous homework assignment. This was a mixture of conceptual questions and “translating” between different representations of motion.

This went better than any of my attempts to get students to “discuss last night’s homework” from last year. As I walked around checking homework, I heard lots of discussion like “I think ____, because…” or “why did you say that?” I think the diversity of the types of questions on this particular assignment, and uncertainty that students felt with their responses, lent to this working well. I have done this twice already in AP Physics C as well. I would say it has gone well in that class, but not as well as the 1st year students did with it today.

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