Day 2: What does this slope mean? (1yP)

The following whiteboards were created on day 1 of class, as part of the Tumble Buggy Lab. Each team was given instructions with a different starting point and direction of travel. In addition, half of the groups had fast cars (with speeds of about 0.3 to 0.4 m/s) and half slow (speeds of about .15 to 0.2 m/s). One group graphed Time vs. Distance and got a slope of 2.7. We will start day two off with the question “Which car (red or blue) did this group use? How can you tell?” The discussion we had with this was great. After a few follow up questions (“No, they didn’t calculate the slope wrong, No, they didn’t collect the data wrong”), I gave each group time to discuss it together. In each class, when we shared their solutions, there were at least 3 distinct ways of figuring this out, many of which I had not thought of.

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